Five for Friday 10.07.2016

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Let’s see if I can make Five for Friday a regular thing.

In Focus: How to Prepare, Recover as Hurricane Matthew Heads for Florida

Some useful disaster prep resources from SHRM. I talked to my father in Florida yesterday. Not much going on. The storm shutters are closed, the bathtub is filled with water, they have their route to the emergency shelter planned out. Really, just business as usual.

Why Black Lives Matter

Our friends at Ben & Jerry’s are still out in front on social justice issues.

Google Just Suffered a Setback in This Age Discrimination Case

“For evidence, she cites a recruiter instructing her to mark down her dates of graduation on her resume ‘so the interviewers [could] see how old [she was].’” Even smart companies can do stupid things. Jeff John Roberts (three first names!) reports for Fortune.

Excess Management Is Costing The U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year

“More people are working in big, bureaucratic organizations than ever before. Yet there’s compelling evidence that bureaucracy creates a significant drag on productivity and organizational resilience and innovation.” Can a company be too big to succeed? Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini reporting in the HBR.

How To Hire And Manage Freelance Professionals

Fast Company: “Freelancers now comprise over one-third of the American workforce: Here’s how to work with them.” (Hint: Start by calling me).