Five for Friday

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Some interesting reading material from the week.

1. Do You Really Need Two Facebook Accounts?

Facebook at Work is on the way. When it comes to social media, how much is too much? Aliah D. Wright reporting for SHRM.

2. Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better

From HBR:”It’s critical to note that simply making a team more diverse is not necessarily enough to see the benefits…They had to face up to their differences in order to benefit from them.”

3. Google’s Guide to Understanding Team Effectiveness

“Code-named Project Aristotle – a tribute to Aristotle’s quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (as the Google researchers believed employees can do more working together than alone) – the goal was to answer the question: “What makes a team effective at Google?””

4.  This Is How To Be Productive Without Being Miserable: 8 Proven Secrets

“The sound of the alarm clock should not signal, ‘Time for the pain to begin.’ ”  Sounds like a worthwhile goal. Eric Barker tells us how to get there.

5. Even an Extra Five Pounds Can Hurt Your Job Chances

Especially for women. When it comes to hiring practices, consciously or unconsciously, are we all Donald Trump? Reported by the Washington Post.