Five for Friday 1.6.2017

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1. 2017 Jobs Forecast

SHRM reports that despite “an uncertain political climate” (love the understatement) job growth is expected to continue into 2017. The best news? 1100 new HR Manager jobs in California alone!

2. Top 5 HR Trends for 2017

The FastCompany take, Trend #1 is welcome Gen Z to the workforce (not zombies, I hope). Also, the evolution of performance appraisals, pay for performance, and the gig economy.

3. Paid Family-Leave Programs Are Win-Win

“A new report found that ensuring access to paid family leave and paid sick days helps companies save on health-care costs, decreases turnover rates, and increases productivity in the workplace.” New York Magazine reports on a study from The Center for American Progress.

4. The Cost of Happier, Healthier Employees

An experiment in Sweden had a predictable outcome. “Shorter working hours make for happier, healthier and more productive employees.There’s just one catch. The practice is too expensive and unwieldy to become widespread in Sweden anytime soon.” NYT

5. Quick Primer on Why the Middle Class Is In Trouble

Since 1970, in adjusted dollars, the costs of housing, childcare, health care, and college education are all way, way up, while median household income is down. A video from Wired.