Five for Friday 10.14.16

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This week’s kinda-sorta must-reads for HR folk.

1. The Gig Economy is the Story of the Day

It’s been estimated that as many as 1 in 3 workers in the U.S. and Europe are now part of the gig economy, and people are realizing that has implications. Not surprisingly, opinions differ. Here’s a sample of the recent writing on the topic:

2. Wells Fargo Chief Abruptly Steps Down

“The bank’s misdeeds were fundamentally simple: Under intense pressure to meet aggressive sales goals, employees created sham accounts using the names — and sometimes, the actual money — of the bank’s real customers.”  CEO John Stumpf  needed to be a little more careful about creating poorly conceived bonus programs and the unintended consequences that can result: scandal, $185 million in fines, and resignation in disgrace.  And another unintended consequence that the Wells Fargo Board and shareholders should take a hard look at: Stumpf’s exit package adds up to over $130 million. Reported by the NYT.

3. 7 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement Without Spending a Dime

Well, the price is right. Thanks to SHRM

4. How to Manage a Toxic Employee

“As soon as you put some physical distance between the offender and the rest of the team – for example, by rearranging desks, reassigning projects… or encouraging more work-from-home days — you’ll see the situation start to improve… ‘You’re trying to protect people like you would with a disease.'” If you can’t fire them, put them in quarantine.  From the HBR.

5. Why people go @*@&@(*&! in the office

“…a nationally representative survey of roughly 1,500 workers nationwide found lots of people swear in the office, especially younger people — and especially women.”  Lots of reasons were given (toxic coworkers?), but this was my favorite:  “Words are tools and I wouldn’t leave home without any of them.”  Courtesy of The Washington Post.