Five for Friday 12.30.16

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Last post for 2016. Is the old saying “May you live in interesting times” a blessing or a curse? We may, in 2017, find out. On that happy note, best wishes for the new year!

1. Looking Ahead

Is “the entire employee experience” the next buzzphrase?  How will the digital workforce be different? How will digital HR be different?  3 predictions for 2017 from SHRM.

2. What is a CEO Worth?

The Guardian reports Portland, Oregon plans to tax companies that pay their CEO more than 100x their median employee salary. “The disparity between workers’ and CEOs’ pay has been rising sharply since the 1960s, when the average ratio was around 20-1. It now stands at above 200-1.” This raises interesting questions. In addition to what is a CEO worth:

  • How much support will there be for this? Will both Bernie and Trump voters be on board?
  • Will companies leave Portland?
  • Will wages rise in Portland, or CEO pay drop, to get under the 100-1 threshold?
  • We’ve already seen municipalities become more active on issues such as minimum wage. With DC and many statehouses in Republican hands, will cities become the new primary battleground for employment issues?

3. How Subtle Class Cues Can Backfire on Your Resume

…but only if you’re a man. Women get the short end of the stick regardless of class. HBR reports.

4. Segmentors vs Integrators: Google’s work-life-balance research

“Google research shows that those who rigidly separate their personal and work lives are significantly happier about their well-being than those who tend to blur the lines between the two.”

5. Human Resources or Human and Robot Resources?

One thing you can say about Dr. John Sullivan is he loves to be provocative. Automation is on the march. How big a role should that play in workforce planning?