Five for Friday 3.24.17

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1.  Benefits as a Recruiting Edge

HBR reports that 80% of job seekers would accept a lower paying job for better benefits…as long as they are the right benefits. Top of the list of course is health insurance, but a close second is more flexible hours.

2. IBM Moving Away From Remote Work

They believe face to face interactions produce more innovation (research from Google backs them up). Dr John Sullivan explains.

3. Benefits for Gig Workers?

SHRM offers guidance on walking the fine line between keeping this growing segment connected and engaged, and jeopardizing their contractor status.

4.  Stereotypes Millennials Hate

From Fast Company.  Money quote:  “It’s not hard to think of certain septuagenarians who tweet just as prolifically and self-centeredly as any millennial.”

5.  Four Startling Reasons Why Humans Are Superior to High Tech

Liz Ryan, writing for Psychology Today, tells why the robot take-over isn’t as cut and dried as some think.