Five for Friday 4.28.17

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1. Acosta Confirmed for Labor

After 100 days in office, Trump has a new Labor Secretary. He could soon be making decisions regarding overtime eligibility and 401(k) plans, among other things.

2. Flexible Schedules Make Us Work Longer

Flexible hours are often put in place to make it easier to achieve work-life balance. But instead, without any prompting from our employers, we use that flexibility to have our work encroach even further into into our personal lives! What is wrong with us? Maybe work-life balance really is a myth. And in a related story…

3. The New Status Symbol: How Long Is Your Work Week

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, 100 hours/week. Jeff Immelt, CEO GE, 100 hours/week. Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo!, 130 hours a week! And has slept under her desk!  These people are modeling behaviors that we all take note of and many emulate. Why do we do this to ourselves?

4. Best and Worst Jobs

SHRM reports on CareerCasts lists of best and worst jobs of 2017. I think I take issue with the basic premise. I mean, all our boats are floated in different ways, right? But it is difficult for me to argue with number 8 on the worst list. Pest Control.


5. Take Some Time for Professional Development

I’ll be speaking on current HR trends at the NBI-sponsored HR Law Course at the Burlington Holiday Inn on May 9th. Please take a moment to check it out.