Five for Friday on Saturday 10.22.16

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Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday. I was traveling and didn’t have enough layover time to finish it up.

1.  Pizza, the unsung agent of the robot revolution

Donald Trumps likes to talk about the manufacturing jobs that have gone to China and Mexico, but when those jobs come back they are likely to go to robots rather than humans, and as we’ve written about previously, it’s not just manufacturing jobs that are at risk. Ars Technica looks at how robots are having an impact at Amazon, DHL, Mercedes… and Domino’s.

2.  5 Ways to Be a True Talent Acquisition Partner

Nellie Peshkov was partnering with a VP of engineering and wasn’t sure what value she brought.  ” ‘Are you kidding me?’ he asked. ‘You have people talent. Your insights and instincts about people will be invaluable to me. When I get stuck and don’t know how to get through to someone, you will be the person I call.’ ”  I think we tend to undervalue ourselves as HR pros. SHRM has a few tips on how to bring that value to the forefront.

3.  A $2,000 vacation bonus, and people are more productive than ever

In 2015 American workers had 658 million unused vacation days. The CEO at SteelHouse thought that was bad for people and bad for business, so he began offering employees a $2000 bonus to spend on vacation. The only catch is you have to go on vacation to get the money. The result? Increased productivity and employee turnover under 1% per year.

4.  What’s “The Big Idea”?

The Harvard Business Review is going to spend the next two weeks exploring the Big Idea of Rebel Talent. The idea is that “constructive non-conformity” improves the ever-elusive employee engagement.  Sounds cool.

5.  Four Reasons Who Nobody is Paying Attention to Your Presentation

And more importantly, how to fix it. Based on the science behind how humans process information, from Fast Company.