Five for Friday 11.2.18

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1. #MeToo to Google: Don’t Be Evil

Google employees across the world walked out of work to protest how the company handles sexual harassment complaints (the walkout was during non-business hours in the U.S., but there were hundreds of tweets in support). This very public demonstration comes in the wake of a New York Times investigation. The protesters are demanding greater transparency and an end to mandatory arbitration and multi-million dollar buy-outs of executive transgressors.

2. A Strong Labor Market

A quarter of a million jobs were added in October and unemployment stays low at 3.7%. Time to break out the guerilla recruiting tools?

3. Six Fundamental Management Skills

What are the skills that really matter? HBR takes a shot at defining them. How do you acquire these skills? Practice, practice, practice.

4. Don’t Ghost the Interview

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of the ghosts – candidates that don’t bother to show for the interview. Fast Company explains why candidates should do the interview even if they don’t think they want the job.

5. Time Off to Vote?

The U.S. usually has a lower voting rate than any other democracy. Could the answer be making Election Day a holiday?